Make Money By Writing A Blog From A New Website


Make Money By Writing A Blog From A New Website

Make Money By Writing A Blog From A New Website

If you like to write about a topic, you can earn money at home by writing articles about the topic of your choice from the topic list of the ITMela Earnings Program. But yes, if you want to earn money by writing in iTimela Earnings program, you must read the principles of Itemela Earnings program well.

How do I become a member of the ITMela Earnings Program?

If you want to make an income by writing articles by joining the ITMela Earnings Program, then you must have the following things. If you have the following things, then you can be a member of the ITMela Earnings Program. Join here

Must have experience writing articles.

Must have a computer, laptop or smartphone.

Must have internet connection.

What can you write about in the ITMela Earnings Program?

Freelancing, Online Income, Blogging & Website, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Business, E-Commerce, Computer & Mobile, Software, Android App Games, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, online trading, technology, network, internet offer, cyber security, data recovery, banking, master card, visa card, debit credit and account, electric & electronics, insurance / insurance, law, video call, , Chatting, Call Conferences, Online Studies, Higher Education Abroad, Online Classes, Science and Success Story.

Writing in any category other than the mentioned topic will not be published. And even if it is published, you will not be paid for it.

That is why your writing will not be published

If you copy and submit text from any other site, it will not be published.

Translating from any other language using any software or tools will not be published. However, you can follow any text in another language and write in your own language.

If any text is rewritten, it will not be published. No other text will be published even if it is unique by editing words or sentences from time to time keeping all the structures in order. The entire structure, graphic, and format of the writing must be unique.

The images used in the article must be copyright free. And use images that match the topic of the article

If you take more than one backlink, your article will not be published.

Note that membership will be revoked if any evidence of copyright is found.

How to earn?

A registered member of ITMela Earnings Program can earn income in two ways. E.g.,

Income by writing articles: First you have to be a member by registering in ITMela Earnings Program. Then you have to login and write the article. And if your article is reviewed and published by admin, you will get 10 points to 200 points for it. (Rs. 1 per point)

Registration bonus will get 1-10 points

You will get 10 points from each referral

Conditions for publication of the article:

Article must be 100% unique. No copyrighted articles will be published.

Article must be at least 600 words.

Need to add a unique feature image.

Must be written in Bengali.

How much money can be earned?

Unlimited income can be earned from ITMela Earnings Program. There are no strict rules regarding income limit. He will be able to earn as much as he works.

Pay out: You will get automatic payment option on your dashboard for 500 rupees.

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