2Trusted And Popular PTC Website


2Trusted And Popular PTC Website

2Trusted and popular PTC website


2Trusted and popular PTC website

Assalamu Alaikum

Welcome to today’s post. Hope you read the whole post carefully and patiently.

So how are you all?

I hope that by the grace of God, all is well.

At present there are more than 16 crore 78 lakh people in Bangladesh and the unemployment rate among them is 5.30%. In this age of information technology, Bangladesh is also moving forward keeping pace with the developed world. Many people from Bangladesh are earning foreign exchange through freelancing. All these freelancers have different skills. With these skills, they are earning foreign exchange by working in domestic and foreign marketplaces.

There are many more sectors like web design / development, graphics design, digital marketing, content writing etc which you can earn a lot of money by mastering. But for that you need to have good skills on that particular subject and spend a lot of time behind it. Only then will you become proficient in that subject.

But if you do not have any skills or if you have not decided to learn any skill, if you travel online most of the time day or night or if you want to earn some money online without any skill or skill then PTC is for you. Website.

What is PTC website?

PTC – Pay To Click is a website that pays you for your clicks. This means that you will see the ad / website / video on their website for a certain period of time and they will pay you. You do not need any special skills for this, you just need to know how to browse the internet.

There are numerous PTC websites across the internet, most of which are fake. You will work hard but you will see that they will cheat when it comes to payment. They will not pay you.

However, there are some trusted PTC sites and if you work there, you will definitely get paid.

Today I will talk about two sites that are so trusted and more popular.

Trusted and popular PTC website

1. adBTC

adBTC – The best PTC website I’ve ever visited. The website has been in operation since 2016 and has a rating of 4.6 on TrustPilot

Tushar Ahmed – kih-lagbe.blogspot.com

Working on this website means you have to visit the website and in return you will be given Satoshi. Moreover, from another option you can also earn Russian rubles.

What do you do for a living on adBTC?

1. Surf Ads (Satoshi)

2. Surf Ads (Ruble)

3. Video Ads

4. Active Window Surfing

5. Autosurfing

6. Shortlinks

Tushar Ahmed – kih-lagbe.blogspot.com

1. Surf Ads – This is the main income option. Here you will get Satoshi only for website visit!

Here you have to stay on a webpage for a maximum of 30 seconds and a minimum of 13 seconds or keep tabs open! In return you will get a minimum of 2.1 to 30 satoshi for a website visit.

Tushar Ahmed – kih-lagbe.blogspot.com

2. Surf ads ₽ (Ruble) – Click here to earn money through website visits, but the only difference is that you will be paid rubles or Russian money instead of Satoshi. (I suggest you work from the first option)

3. Video ads – In this option you can earn money by watching videos. But in return you will be given rubles!

4. Active window surfing – If you click here, a website will open in front of you and you will see at the top. The diameter will get 4.5 or 4.5 satoshi.

5. Autosurfing – You don’t have to do anything by clicking here! Just click and wait a few seconds and you will get 2.1 or 2.5 Satoshi. (Note that you won’t find many websites here)

6. Shortlinks – Click here to get some shortlinks! By clicking on that link, bypassing the ad or redirect and going to the destination page, you will get 0.5 / 0.13 rubles!

adBTC – You can earn from the above six options.

What is the daily or monthly income from the web site?

In fact, your income will largely depend on how much time you spend on the website. Yet as a newcomer you can earn 80 to 100 satoshi every day.

Then you can earn 2400 or 3000 satoshi per month.

A rating will be given depending on how much time you spend on the website. The higher the rating, the higher the income.

If every day is 100 Satoshi

30 days = 000 3000 Satoshi or 2 1.273137. (According to current Bitcoin prices)

Minimum withdrawal and payment method?

There is a payment method –




WBTC (Polygon Network)

Express Crypto (Currently Down)

Minimum Withdrawal –

FaucetPay – 1000 Satoshi

Bitcoin – 50,000 Satoshi

WBTC (Polygon Network) – 5,000 Satoshi

So withdraw on FaucetPay. You can withdraw only if it is 1000.

You will receive the payment within three days.

Proof of my payment –

I received a total of 5 payments from adBTC.

Tushar Ahmed – kih-lagbe.blogspot.com

You can promote your website through this website with your earned satoshi. For this you need to create an ad by transferring your balance to Advertisers or you can promote your website by creating an ad by depositing bitcoin here.


How to work on adBTC?

To do this you need to open an account at adBTC.To open an account, open an account with your email and information by entering the website from the link given below.

adBTC – Links without referrals

adBTC – Links with References

If you want, you can join my referral and you can also join directly. It’s completely your wish. You will not get any bonus if you join my referral but I will continue to get some from your earning.

Go to the link and fill in your email and at least 8 passwords and captcha and click on ‘Sign Up’. Then a verification mail will come to your email. Verify your account by clicking on the link in the mail.

Once verified, login to your newly opened account by logging into the browser and entering the website.

In that case I would suggest using Uc Turbo Browser! If you have a lot of fun working.

After logging in, you can see the earning options like the picture below by clicking on the menu option at the top left side.

Clicking on the Surf Ads shown in the image above will bring up a captcha. Filling in the captcha will ask you to open a link like the image below.

And if you click there, the link or website will open in a new tab.

Read another online earning post

You need to keep the tab open until the second is 0! Tabs cannot be truncated. Then when the second 0 or zero you can see the text like the picture below!   visite :https://www.articlelevy.com

The text Success / Excellent / You earned like the picture above will actually cut the second tab and click on the first tab and you will see that Satoshi has been added to your account!

Occasionally you need to fill in the captcha while working! Easy captcha like: Nine + 2 =? Such a simple mathematical captcha will come!

If you see the text like the picture below, you will come out of the website again later and at some point later you will see if any new link has been added.

register Here

2. Coinpayu

CoinPayu – is another popular PTC site. This site started its journey in 2017. This is an American website. This is a website similar to adBTC. Here too you can earn satoshi by visiting website / watching videos. This is a trusted website. If you work here you will get a guaranteed payment.

Coinspayu – What can be done to earn Satoshi?

1. View Ads

Surf Ads – If you click here, you will get links to many websites. Clicking on a link will open it in a new tab and you have to stay on that website for a certain period of time. This means the tab cannot be truncated. Satoshi will be added to your balance when the time is up.

Window Ads – Do the same here as above. But from here the link will open in an iframe.

Video Ads – Here you will find videos that are 30/60 seconds. After watching 30/60 seconds, if you click on Visit Url, Satoshi will be added to your balance.

2. Crypto Faucet

Here are 12+ Crypto Faucet.

You can claim a maximum of 4 Faucet every 1 hour. You will get 2+ satoshi per claim.

Earnings from Faucet can be transferred to Crypto Main Balance or withdrawn directly. You can also swap crypto and convert to other crypto.

3. OfferWall

Click on the Offslash / Dot menu and click on Offers – you will get popular OfferWall like CPX RESEARCH, AYETSTUDIOS, AdGatemedia. More Satoshi can be earned by surveying through these. However, you will not be given too many surveys from Bangladesh. However, you can get some surveys.

Survey from OfferWall is proof of some of the Satoshi I made.

What are the withdrawal methods in Coinpayu and what is the minimum withdrawal?

Withdrawal method is –

Bitcoin – 11000 Satoshi

Payeer – 1000 Satoshi

Faucetpay – 1000 Satoshi

Litecoin – 1000 Satoshi

Tron – 1000 Satoshi

Tether TRC20 – 1000 Satoshi

Ethereum – 30000 Satoshi

Binance BEP20 – 1000 Satoshi

Bitcoin Cash – 1000 Satoshi

Dash – 1000 Satoshi

Payment will be received within three days of withdrawal.

Proof of my payment

Coinpayu – I have withdrawn a total of 4 times.

Coinpayu – Account opened

To earn Satoshi from this website, first you need to open an account. Click on the link below.

Coinpayu – Links without referrals

Coinpayu – Link with referrals

Then open an account with your username (E: tushar696), email, password.

Once the account is opened, verify the email and login to the site and start working.

When withdrawing from two websites, you have to link your withdrawal wallet which I hope you can easily.

Some important things

Lastly, I would like to say that you may not be able to earn lakhs of rupees through these websites but you will definitely get whatever you earn. Those who want to earn something online can try these two websites. However, I would say that you must acquire a good skill that will work in your future.

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