some ways to quit smoking


some ways to quit smoking

some ways to quit smoking

1. Search for your cause

You need a strong, personal reason to quit in order to be inspired. This can protect your family from smoking. Or reduce the chances of lung cancer, heart disease or other conditions. Or to look and feel younger. Choose a reason that is strong enough to overcome the urge to be enlightened.


2. Prepare before going to 'cool turkey

There is more to it than smoking cigarettes is an addiction. The brain is engulfed on nicotine. Without it you will go through withdrawal. Advance support lineup. Ask your doctor about smoking cessation classes and applications, tips and advice on hypnosis such as hypnosis. You will be ready for the day you want to depart.


3. Consider nicotine replacement therapy;

When you stop smoking, nicotine withdrawal can cause you headaches, affect your mood or shake your energy. Nicotine replacement therapy can prevent this. Studies show that nicotine gum, lozenges and patches improve your chances of success even when you are in a smoking cessation program.



4. Learn about prescription pills:

Drugs can control the significance, and smoking cigarettes can make smoking less satisfying. Other drugs can ease withdrawal symptoms such as ease or concentration issues.


5. Hold on to your favorite people:

Tell your friends, family, and other people close to what you're trying to stop. They can encourage you to keep going, especially when you are tempted to be enlightened. You can join a support group or talk to a counselor. Behavior therapy is a type of advice that helps you identify and prevent smoking cessation strategies. Even a few sessions can help.


6. Give yourself a break:

One of the reasons people smoke is that nicotine helps them relax. Once you quit, you will need a new way to unwind. There are many options. You can practice blowing steam, tune in to your favorite music, connect with friends, treat yourself to massage, or make time for a hobby. Try to avoid stressful situations in the first few weeks after you stop smoking.


7. Avoid alcohol and other triggers:

When you drink, it's hard to keep up with your non-smoking goal. So when you first quit, try to limit the alcohol. Likewise, if you smoke frequently while drinking coffee, switch to tea for a few weeks. If you usually smoke after eating, look for something else like brushing your teeth, walking, texting a friend, or chewing gum instead.


8. Clean House:

Once you've smoked your last cigarette, toss all your ashtray and lighter. Wash any clothes that smell like smoke and clean your carpets, drippers and upholstery. Use an air freshener to relieve that familiar scent. If you smoke in your car, clean it too. You do not want to see or smell anything that is reminiscent of smoking.


9. Try and try again:

If you light up, don't be discouraged. Instead, think about how you experienced a crisis again, such as your emotions or the places you were in. Use this as an opportunity to increase your commitment to quit. Once you decide to try again, set a "departure date" next month.


10. Get moving:

Being active, nicotine can prevent cravings and ease some withdrawal symptoms. When you want to approach a cigarette, put on your inline skate or jogging shoes instead. Even light exercises such as walking your dog or pulling weeds in the garden help. As you quit smoking, the calories you burn will gain weight.


11. Eat fruits and veggies:

Do not try to diet while smoking cigarettes. Too much deprivation can easily backfire. These are good for your whole body.


12. Choose Your Rewards:

Aside from all the health benefits, the only benefit of quitting cigarettes is that you will save all your money. There are online calculators that can understand how rich you are.


13. Remember that time is on your side:

As soon as you leave, you begin to receive immediate health benefits. After just 20 minutes, your heart rate returns to normal. Within a day, the carbon monoxide level in your blood also goes back into place. In just 2-3 weeks, the problems with your heart attack will start to decrease. In the long run, you will also be less likely to develop lung cancer and other cancers.




Smoking weakens the human body's immune system in an instant and people become very weak. Smokers lose their complexion. Smoking causes death at a young age and the disease causes grief in a very short time. So we need to quit smoking and encourage others to quit so that the world can be free from all kinds of influences.

Smoking is a bad habit nowadays. People in most countries of the world are associated with smoking and they are ending their interests in a short time. Excessive smoking causes cancer in the human body and it leads to death in a short time. People smoke for a variety of reasons and are responsible for their own harm. The first step in quitting smoking is to make yourself aware and to get out of this habit you have to get into the habit of praying.


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