Binance Vs Coinbase, Binance Vs FTX Exchange

 binance vs coinbase

Binance Vs Coinbase, Binance Vs FTX Exchange

Binance Vs Coinbase
First Of All, There Is No Comparison Between Binance And Exchange FTX. Because Binance Is Always The Best. But For Those Who Are Airdropping And Doing Small Trades, Here Is What Will Be Good.

When I first came to Crypto World I encountered various problems. Any tokens or dollars needed would have to be bought at a higher price from the admins of different groups. Today I will share with you what I have learned from my experience so far.

Binance: Although I can’t say whether Binance is currently the most widely used exchange site in the world, I can say for sure that it is the number one exchange site for Bangladeshis. If you are trading at medium level or too much then balance will be best for you. In the case of futures or spot trades, you will find more functions in binance.

Problems: Although the problems are not a problem for big traders, they are a bit of a hassle for those who work for Airdrop. First of all, you can’t trade below 10 10 here. Secondly, the minimum withdrawal amount is much higher for any token withdrawal. There is a fee to withdraw again. If you want to see the trades and withdrawals of Binance, you can see this link from this link. Of course, if you take the desktop mode, then it will be an advantage.

FTX Exchange: For those who don’t know, FTX is but a small sized exchanger. What most of us don’t know is that this is a large scale crypto exchanger. The interface of the app on the exchanger site is so simple that any new person will have no problem using it. Moreover, it has all the features like binance. There are more features.


I personally like this convert option of FTX. Here you can convert any token to any token without any fee.

For those who don’t know, I gave a screenshot of Coinmarketcap’s ranking. You must be surprised to see.


Now let’s talk about minimum trade. I don’t know how much is its minimum trade. I think it will be below one dollar. In fact, there is no need to trade tax because you can convert any token from any token by going to convert option.

This time let’s come to the real reason. There is no charge for withdrawal from FTX. Aren’t you surprised? G FTX almost all the necessary tokens such as: USDT, BUSD, BNB, SOL, Trx, LTC, many more coins bep20, bep2, trc20, hrc20, solana etc. There is no fee to withdraw on the network. There is a fee to withdraw erc20 only on Etherium network. I think FTX has the lowest fee on Ethereum network. In addition, if you Stack their Native Token FTT, you will be able to comment on how many Ethereum transactions are free daily as per the picture below. I can say with certainty that there may not be any exchanger site on Ethereum network that can offer free withdrawal.


This post will be most useful for those who work on Air Drop. Because they often need tokens like Trx, SOL, BNB, Ltc etc., they have to buy from the work of different admins and get scammed while buying.

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