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Match Book SOP

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 Match Book SOP

1.0 Purpose & Scope:

Ensuring that the Match book attaches without SKU mistake & production process is smooth and efficient with regards to quality & productivity and in supplying a quality garment to our customer.

2.0 Responsibilities: 

The Asst. Manager, Finishing is responsible for the overall operation of the department & supervisor to assist him 

3.0 Procedure:

1.1 Match Book on receipt at main store, get inspected as per the Trims & Accessories Inspection and stored in controlled manner to avoid theft, misplace & damage.

1.2 Line will receive required quantity as per the production plan from Main-store and ensures storage as per Style & Customer in secured manner.

1.3 When needed for the use in line, input man will receive the required Match book from store as per the 

cut quantity mentioned in the cutting challan.

1.4 Roving QC monitors and supervisor issues the Match Book to the operator as per the bundle in process to ensure the correct size and correct number of Match Book are issued.

1.5 Operators are not allowed to keep various sizes of labels to avoid incorrect attaching and extra Match Book in their custody.

1.6 Operators attach the Match Book as per mock-up card information as required for the style in production.

1.7 Supervisor is responsible for exchange reject / damage (if any) quantity from 

store and issue to operator.

1.8 After style production is over, supervisor & roving QC will hand over all kinds of Match Book to main store with proper re-conciliation. 

1.9 The inventory records for all types of Match Book maintained by the store.

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