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Airtel SIM offers MB at a lower price

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 Airtel SIM offers MB at a lower price

Hello friends, I hope you are really well. Welcome to my site again on my behalf. In today's post I will discuss with you all the great internet offers of Airtel SIM.

Airtel is one of the SIM networks in Bangladesh. And the Airtel SIM network is very good. A good network of this SIM is available almost everywhere in the country. Moreover, this Airtel SIM company is a SIM company in India. But they have promoted them in Bangladesh by signing an agreement with Robi, one of the leading SIM companies in Bangladesh, with the aim of increasing their customer base. As a result, Robi SIM Network gets 40% share of Airtel Company in Bangladesh. And this is why some of the offers of Robi and Airtel sometimes match a lot.

Anyway, Airtel SIM is all about offering great offers to their customers. Especially in terms of internet, I think Airtel is better than other SIM companies. This SIM network is just as good as the price of its internet offers. So let's take a look at them.

Airtel 1 gb 29 Tk

This offer is one of the less expensive offers of Airtel SIM. If you want to take this package, it will be good for you. In this offer you will get 1 GB for 29 taka which will be valid for 3 days. This offer is a great offer for those who are opening a good internet package for 3 days for less money. To avail this offer you need to dial * 123 * 025 #

Airtel 49 Tk 3 Gb

If you want a good offer for 3 days at Airt SIM for 49 Taka then this offer is for you. In this offer you will get 3 GB. Which will be valid for 3 days. Earlier, Airtel used to give 2 GB for 49 rupees. But here you have to recharge 49 taka for your 3 GB. However, you can also buy it through the code. For this dial * 123 * 049 #

Airtel 6 Gb 69 Tk

This is a great offer for regular use of Airtel SIM. This is a great offer for those who like 4 day pack. Earlier, only 4 GB was offered in this offer, but now it is being offered for the same amount of 6 GB which includes 4 GB of data for regular use and the remaining 2 GB can be used as 4G data.

If you want to avail this offer, recharge 89 taka or dial * 121 * 1634 #

Airtel 110 Tk 10 Gb

Earlier, all Airtel customers get 4 GB validity for 7 days at 101 rupees. However, Airtel has upgraded this offer to 10 GB for 7 days at 110 rupees. If you want to take this offer, recharge your Taka 110 directly to your SIM.

However, Airtel now has an offer of Rs 101 available. Now Airtel customers can get 4GB data for 7 days for 101 taka. For that, recharge 101 taka in your SIM. Many people like this offer and Airtel has left this offer thinking about their customers.

Airtel 30 Gb 344 Tk

I think this offer is a great offer for those who use Airtel SIM and prefer 30 GB monthly pack. Moreover, this offer is very popular among those who use monthly packs. In this offer you will get 30 GB data for only 344 rupees.

This is a great mega pack of Airtel SIM. This offer has already become a very good offer for Airtel customers. If you want to take this offer, recharge Tk 344 in your SIM. Or dial * 121 * 1836 #

So friends, I hope everyone liked my post today. If you like it, please comment. And keep visiting this site every day to get new posts like this dance. Until the next post, everyone will be fine and healthy.

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