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What is AMP? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the AMP Blogger template

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 Many new features are being added to the website world at present. Similarly, AMP is a very popular name in the world of website development. We have many advantages of this feature, but it also has many disadvantages.

We unknowingly add AMP templates to our website. In doing so we face many problems. So let's not know the details.

• What is AMP?

The full form of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages.

AMP HTML is an open source project supported by Google. Which is capable of loading the content of a website quickly on any mobile device.

To put it better, if your website has a simple template, it will take 10 times less time to load the content of that website on your mobile device than it will take to load the content of the website with AMP template.

This will make your website faster.

Limitations of the AMP template:

1. It only accepts Asynchronous Scripts.

2. Third party scripts cannot be used in the template.

3. All CSS must be within 50,000 bytes, including in-line.

4. Font triggering must be good.

5. Loading minimum web resources.

. All resource sizes are statically.


• Can Blogger templates be MP ??

Blogger has not yet officially introduced the MP feature. However, if you want, you can use MP forcefully.

This way if you use the MP feature then you have to sacrifice some important features.

You will find many AMP Blogger templates on Google. If you want, you can download it from there and use it on your website.

Advantages of • AMP template?

1. MP template will load faster than normal template.

2. Website traffic will increase, which will make the website rank faster.

3. As the content of the website loads faster, the view of the website will increase.

4. A useful template for online news websites.

Disadvantages of P AMP template:

1. The amount of income from different types of advertising will be reduced.

2. You cannot use the default scripts and widgets associated with your blog.

3. Blogger cannot use the default comment box on the website.

4. If the iframe is more than 600px will not load.

5. Blogger website sidebars are loaded by Google, so you can't use any widget in the sidebar.

. E-mail subscriptions cannot be used. Because onclick, action, onsubmit, onfocus, onblur attributes do not support AMP.

. Only Google AdSense does not support any other ad network.

After all, to be honest, AMP templates are not used by most of the major websites in the world. Most of the website owners do not want to use this template as there are many limitations in this template.


Also using this template you will not be able to use many of your important features. So you must think before adding AMP template to your website.

But you can change it later, so there is no reason to worry.

I hope today's post will be useful to you.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.

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