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free website traffic generator

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free website traffic generator

This tune is for those who have a website and who want to send millions of visitors to their site. But now it's free! With this software you can send unlimited fake traffic to your website and boost Google and Alexa rankings!


I did a tune with this before but you wanted a tutorial ... so today I posted with the tutorial.

Many of you now search the internet in the hope of free traffic boats but fail! I am like you !! Hahaha I used to get annoyed by searching Google but today I got a software JT is 100% working and can send thousands of free traffic to your website___
| You can send as many visitors as you want to your website! Quick download from here

some real free traffic boot below:

hitleaf:This is very real traffic boot for all website owners. I personally used this boot,this is very fast and easily used traffic boot.Now you can get a lots of youtube video in this boot.You have no need any work just open this boot and minimize it.

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This is also famous traffic boot in the world and very easily used this boot.I personally used this boot,this is very fast and easily used traffic boot.Now you can get a lots of youtube video in this boot

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Download this software

10khits-exchanger_win_0.9.8_i386.msi - 26.5 MB
HitLeap Viewer (1).exe - 33.6 MB

trafficape is very popular  website  traffic generator .you can buy traffic  in this site regularly basic.You can get  free traffic just  surf  26 traffic  generator and you can get 26  traffic  for your  website.

This is very  famous site as a free website traffic generator.I personally used this site long time.nice  working  mood.Everyone  test this site .This is automatic traffic generator tools.just  creat webpage and  start   auto and Manuel  surf.just on this surfing browser and you can work another tab . These is very amusing sites for web free traffic generator.

mellow ads  is popular crypto adnetwork in the world   but they give free traffic  just for  little work .You will cleam faucet  from  your account login and you can get free satoshi, 100,500,or 1000 and start advertisement  with thise  satoshi.I am personally  gets maney traffic in this website .

This is powerfull website traffic generator tools for all website publisher.This is absolutely free website traffic generator can creat  second in this website such as  30 ,20 ,15  second for your website view.and you can make money in this website.

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download this softwer

This site also great for website publisher  and get lots of money from this tools .This traffic is full free.You can test this site as a  new blog woners.just  download  softwer from application menue  and start  surfing .

This site is mainly online income site but you can get free  organic traffic in this site .and  get geo target  system .you can withdrow  money in this site .i get paid in this surfing site and this site is very old and trusted site for online world.This site is crypto  related sites  .you can get satoshi    and pay   many ways such as  fuacet pay,express faucet,payeer wallet etc.

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