Dropbox Will Offer A Free Password Manager Starting in April

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Dropbox Will Offer A Free Password Manager Starting in April

Dropbox Will Offer A Free Password Manager Starting in April

Dropbox Will Provide Free Password Manager:
DropBox introduced DropBox Passwords in the summer of 2020 to its paying customers, but announced the introduction of a password management feature for free basic accounts in April 2021. Which means users of the DropBox Basic account can take advantage of the password management feature, in addition to storage. common and file sharing features.

DropBox Passwords for free accounts will limit 50 passwords that can be synced across all three devices making it seem like a move to upgrade you to a paid DropBox account. Remember a Dropbox Plus account costs $ 11.99 / month, while a Professional account costs $ 19.99 / month in the US.

DorpBox Passwords works like any other password management application that lets you create and store unique passwords and update or restrict passwords after data breaches. To make it easier, the password manager remembers usernames and passwords on all your devices, so you don't have to remember a large number of passwords. DropBox also plans to allow its users to share their passwords securely with other accounts soon.

Additionally, the DropBox Passwords app is compatible with both Windows, Mac OS, and Linux applications, and is available for iOS and Android devices. The software also works as a browser extension.

A limit of 50 passwords can be beneficial for those who do not have a large number of online accounts. DropBox posted in a blog post that “We guarantee that a maximum of 50 passwords will fit most users in our DropBox Basic system. We have many more options for those who need more than 50 passwords. ”

Last month, rival password manager Lastpass set the device limit to its basic free program, giving users a reason to find another free method. DropBox will really give you the ability to sync your passwords on all three devices at no cost.

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