Stone crushed leaves to control high blood pressure

 Patharkuchi is one of the medicinal plants that has been used in medicine since ancient times. It is one and a half to two feet high. The leaves are fleshy and smooth, much like an egg. There are small round grooves all around. From this groove new seedlings are born. Many times when the tree is old, seedlings grow from the groove of the tree. Seedlings can be easily obtained by leaving the crushed leaves on the ground. Gravel grows easily in soil. However grows fast in wet, damp places.

It is one of the most beneficial in rural medicine. According to medical scientists, Patharkuchi leaves are especially useful in various diseases including kidney disease. But let's not be late to know about the incredible medicinal properties of Patharkuchi leaves.

1. Removal of kidney stones

Patharkuchi leaves help in removing kidney and goiter stones. Chew 2 to 3 leaves twice a day or eat it with juice.

2. Flatulence

Many times it is seen that the stomach is swollen, urine is stuck, the air is not moving, in that case one or two teaspoons of crushed stone juice with a little sugar should be heated and mixed with a quarter cup of water. This will make the urine liquid, will also expel half of the air, will also reduce flatulence.

3. Hemoptysis

Bleeding due to biliary pain can be cured by taking one teaspoon of crushed stone juice twice a day for two days.

4. Epilepsy

In case of epilepsy, 2-10 drops of crushed leaf juice should be given in the mouth. A little stomach will cure the disease.

5. Cold

The cold is old, in which case it is especially useful. It should be heated a little by squeezing the crushed leaves and in hot condition it should be mixed with a little sohagar khai. Take 250 mg with three teaspoons. Take two teaspoons of it twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon to cure the common cold and always get relief from cough.

. Abdominal pain in children

If the child has abdominal pain, 30-60 drops of crushed stone juice massaged in the abdomen relieves the pain. However abdominal pain must be confirmed.

. Skin care

Patharkuchi leaves contain a lot of water which is very beneficial for the skin. At the same time, it has the ability to reduce inflammation. For those who are aware of the skin, they can apply Patharkuchi leaves on the skin. Acne and pimples will also go away.

. In the cut

It can be comforted by heating the cut or crushed area with light heat like fresh leaf quantity.

9. Piles

Mixing red chilli with the juice of Patharkuchi leaves gives relief from piles and hemorrhoids.

10. Cure jaundice

Fresh crushed leaves and its juice are very useful to protect against any liver problems.

11. Cholera, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea

Mix 3 gms of cumin seeds and 8 gms of ghee with 3 ml of crushed leaf juice and eat it for a few days.

12. Body burns

Two teaspoons of crushed leaf juice mixed with half a cup of hot water is taken twice a day.

13. Insect bites

When poisonous insects bite, the juice of this leaf is boiled in fire.

14. High blood pressure

Controls high blood pressure and relieves bladder problems.

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