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 DMP News: Lajjabati tree has many kinds of medicinal properties. Again some call it the shy creeper. Lajjavati, locally it is also called Lajjavati, Samanga, Lajjalu, Anjalikarika. Introduction Annual shrub weed or medicinal plant. Stem creepers are also branched and thorny. This tree is reddish in color. The stem of this tree is somewhat stiff. It does not break easily, but when it is pulled, it breaks. A few pairs of leaves are opposite. Much like tamarind leaves. At the touch of hands and feet, the leaves of Lajjavati come to an end. Leaves slender and oblong, 2 to 20 pairs in number. Substances filled with thorns. Its leaves and flowers are used. It has many medicinal properties.

Lajjabati is very useful in various diseases like hand-foot irritation, hemorrhoids, hemoptysis, vaginal ulcers, varicose veins, dark vaginal ulcers, dysentery, psoriasis, hard stools, gum ulcers, armpit odor, earwax, rheumatism.

Today we don't know how to eat Lajjavati.

To cure hand-foot irritation: With hand-foot irritation there is fever in the body. It usually occurs in the rainy and autumn bile disorders. In this case, it is useful to boil the root leaves of Lajjabati tree in 10 grams and 4 cups of water and take it down to one cup.

Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids are more irritating. It's like that kind of pain without eating salt. There is more bleeding with it. In this case, mix 10 grams of approximately 10 grams of milk and three cups of water on the roots of the tree, boil it together, strain it down to have one cup and take it twice a day in the morning and afternoon. Goat's milk will be good.

Pulse shifting: Many mothers lose their pulse due to carelessness of the midwife during childbirth, making it uncomfortable to sit up. In this case, boil 10 grams of Lajjabati leaves in four cups of water and strain it to have a cup. It can be taken twice a day in the morning and afternoon.

Dysentery: Mix 10 gms of Lajjabati stalk leaves and boil it. And those who have a mango toilet, they will benefit by drinking only five or six grams of boiled water.

Sweat odor is removed: Many people have bad odor in their sweat and their clothes get yellow spots. In this case, make a decoction of the stems and leaves of Lajjabati tree and apply it on the armpits and body. Then this problem will be removed.

Sexually Transmitted Infections: In case of genital herpes for any reason, in the initial stage there is occasional or almost daily discharge, a foul odor, sometimes or a slight reddish discharge, in which case the doctor warns, it can eventually lead to cancer. In this case, the disease is cured by playing Lajjabati Katha boiled in milk and water twice a day. At the same time, if the douche is given with the decoction of Lajjavati or the vagina is washed, the wound heals quickly.

Dark vaginal wounds: This strange disease grows on the black side and dries on the white side. The lesion is usually below the knee, or on either side of the groin. In this case, the leaves of the tree (excluding the roots) have to be boiled with only 10 grams of water and eaten with that decoction, so the problem is removed.

Dissatisfaction with Raman: After having a few children, the placenta has become loose, a lot of which is repaired by taking a decoction of this Lajjavati decoction, and the leaves of the tree are soaked in oil made with boiled decoction.

Dysentery: Many people have old diarrhea. Can't wait to leave the stool. What happened first does not want to happen again. Again, many people have white mangoes wrapped around their hard stools. In this case, boil the stems and leaves of 10 gms of Lajjabati in 4 cups of water and strain it down to 1 cup. They will definitely benefit from playing this decoction.

To get rid of bad smell: Many people have bad smell in their sweat and yellow spots appear on their clothes or underwear. In this case, they should make a decoction of the stems and leaves of Lajjabati tree and wipe or apply it under the armpits. Then this problem will be removed.

Constipation: Many stools become lumpy, some come out like bullets, and nothing else. In this case, the root should be crushed and boiled by crushing 7/8 grams and the water should be sifted and eaten. Then it will be beneficial.

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