32 amla benefits

 Webdesk: amalaki is an infallible medicine to increase digestion and constipation, everyone knows this now. But the benefits of amalaki do not stop here, this is a herbal medicine. Its benefits are infinite. Take a look at the other qualities of mango, for which you can eat mango.

amla benefits

1) Indigestion -

Mango is not compared to increase digestion power. Mango also works great for acidity.

2) Vomiting -

Many people have problems with nausea. Mango is also useful in such cases.

3) The working capacity of the brain -

Mango is beneficial for a number of head and heart problems. May increase blood flow to the head. 

4) Heart health -

Increases heart and lung function.

5) Blood Sugar -

Helps prevent diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels.

6) Cholesterol -

Mango also helps to keep cholesterol levels low.

6) Vitamin deficiency -

Fills the deficiency of Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and B2 in the body.

6) In the beauty of the skin -

Mango enhances the beauty of the skin. Its antioxidant removes dark spots on the skin, enhances radiance.

9) To purify the blood -

Mango works very well to cleanse the blood.

10) Cold-cough -

Amalki works well for colds and coughs.

11) In asthma and bronchitis -

If you have asthma and bronchitis, you should eat mango regularly. All these problems can be avoided.

12) Disgust -

Many times the taste of the mouth is spoiled. The sour sweet taste of mango helps to bring back that taste.

13) To increase hunger -

This sour fruit helps to increase the hunger of those who are suffering from hunger.

14) Stomach problems -

This fruit is beneficial in stomach ailments.

15) Piles -

The problem of piles is eliminated by playing this fruit.

16) In anemia -

Amalki works very well in eliminating anemia. Helps to make blood. Increases the number of red blood cells.

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16) Teeth and nails -

Increases the number of red blood cells in the blood and keeps the teeth and nails well. Tightens.

18) Prevention of free radicals -

The antioxidant properties of mango help prevent free radicals. These free radicals are one of the causes of aging and cell degeneration.

19) To reduce fat -

Amalki helps to shed fat for those who are worried about getting fat.

20) Sexual problems -

Many people suffer from various sexual problems. Amalki can solve that problem. Increases sexual energy.

21) Hair problems -

Nowadays everyone suffers from hair problems. Mango is very good for hair problems.

22) Hair loss -

Mango is good for stopping hair loss. Helps new hair to grow, accelerates hair growth.

23. In immaturity -

Mango is very good for premature ripening. Amalki can make hair black.

24) Dandruff -

Mango is very good for dandruff. Mango strengthens the hair follicles.

25) Insomnia -

Amalki can cure sleep problems i.e. insomnia.

26) Degeneration prevention -

Mango is useful for all kinds of eye diseases. Phyto-chemicals that help prevent degeneration associated with the eye.

26) Sight -

Mango can increase vision.

26) Eye problems -

Amalki relieves eye rashes, watery eyes, itchy eyes etc.

29) Bad breath -

Amalki can remove bad breath.

30) For newborns -

Mango is also very good for newborns.

31. For pregnant women -

Mango is also good for pregnant women.

32) Prevention of disease -

Amalki has a lot of immunity.

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